About this Course


Who should attend

  • Developers implementing Fluid,
  • Developers interested in replacing customizations with configurations,
  • System Administrators, and
  • Analysts that want to know more about configuration alternatives to customizations.


Students typically complete this material within 6 hours.

You will have access to the videos for 60 days after purchase and may keep the accompanying activity guide for life.


This course includes plenty of hands-on activities. To be successful, we recommend keeping a Fluid-capable PeopleSoft development, test, demo, or sandbox handy. Most of the activities were designed for PeopleSoft HCM, but some of them were written specifically for FSCM.

If you don't have a demo system, our friends at psadmin.io offer a free course that demonstrates how to build your own PeopleSoft environment that runs on a laptop.


Each course includes a digital certificate of achievement to prove your participation in our online course. Since this is a digital certificate, you print it, add it to your LinkedIn profile, or share it on social media!

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Welcome to the course!
    • How to use this course
    • Hints and Definitions
  • 2
    Introduction to Drop Zones
    • Watch: Intro To Drop Zones
    • Drop Zones Summary
    • Walkthrough: Finding Drop Zones
  • 3
    My First Drop Zone
    • Watch: Drop Zones: HCM Example
    • Walkthrough: HCM Drop Zone Content
    • Walkthrough: HCM Drop Zone Configuration
    • Watch: Drop Zones FSCM Example
    • Walkthrough: FSCM Drop Zone Content
    • Walkthrough: FSCM Drop Zone Configuration
    • Best Practices
    • Test Your Knowledge!
  • 4
    Drop Zone Basics
    • Watch: Drop Zone Content Placement
    • Walkthrough: HCM Direct Deposit Employee Header
    • Watch: PeopleCode in Drop Zones
    • Walkthrough: PeopleCode in Drop Zones
    • PeopleCode Download
    • Watch: Multi-level Drop Zones
    • Multi-level Drop Zones Review
    • Watch: Classic Drop Zones
    • Walkthrough: Classic Drop Zones
  • 5
    Advanced Drop Zone Topics
    • Watch: Creating Your Own Drop Zones
    • Review: Creating Your Own Drop Zones
    • Quiz: Creating Your Own Drop Zones
    • Watch: Adding Charts Through Drop Zones
    • Walkthrough: Adding a Chart Through a Drop Zone
    • PeopleCode for Drop Zone Chart (Download)
  • 6
    • Watch: Migration and Lifecycle Management
    • Walkthrough: Migration
    • Life Cycle Management Considerations
    • Preparing for Drop Zones
  • 7
    Next steps
    • More resources for you
    • Course Survey


  • Jim Marion

    Principal Instructor

    Jim Marion

    Jim Marion is an Oracle Ace, prolific and popular blogger, and a highly sought, dynamic public speaker who regularly shares his knowledge at user group conferences and private training events. Feedback is off the charts and we know you will enjoy your time spent with him through this course.